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"Evil Me" is about good verses evil and is set in the present. Twins separated at birth do not understand their dreams about one another. One is raised by a Pastor while the other is raised by a crooked cop. The good boy (Joshua) dreams about what he thinks is his evil alternate ego. Like wise the other (Jackson) dreams about a good life he does not have. Eventually, as adults they meet. Their meeting is interrupted by an evil witch (Jinn) who is bent on killing Jackson. Action pursues them to a deadly conclusion which leads into book two; "My Father's Legacy".

"My Father's Legacy" begins with the son of Joshua, lead character in "Evil Me". The son, Ryan, has missed the Rapture of the church. Dealing with the world of the Tribulation, Ryan heads for the cabin and property which his father has left for him. Expecting his rebellious son to miss the Rapture, Joshua has prepared everything. God has other plans for Ryan as he and an unexpected guest begin their journey. Set on getting the Gospel out to a world about to be judged, Ryan becomes an unwitting evangelist, soon to enter into the Millennial Kingdom.

Ryan has entered into the 1000 year reign of Christ and has been called by God to be "The Last Evangelist". 


   Expected print day is mid to late March 2020. I am currently in chapter 6 of this book.

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