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Ultimate Off Grid Communications

Have you ever noticed how FaceBook is both useful and dreadful at the same time. It's great for keeping up with friends and family. It can be useful as a communication tool for businesses and ministries. BUT, as of late, it has become politically driven and operated in a, dare I say, draconian manner. The powers that be will dictate what you see. The algorithms are to blame of course. It's not as if someone would purposefully program them to direct you toward a particular product or political view. They wouldn't dare restrict or neutralize religious or conscervative leanings, would they? Have you ever been put in Facebook jail or timeout because you post too much or too much Jesus?

It's comforting to know that eventually Facebook will go the way of MySpace. It will become irrelevant. It is important that we realize that in this information driven era, we are all apt to be recorded, directed, spied on, routed and generally infringed upon by a higher electronic power. Therefore we must be wise and servants and harmless as doves. Prayer is off the grid. It is powerful and untraceable. It is received by the Most High power. It is a source that you can call on regardless of your circumstance. There are many excellent books on prayer. I recommend that you begin a prayer journal. Pray for others first. Pray for salvations and healings. Pray for yourself last. Try to have a daily, ongoing conversation with God of course and then work toward a designated prayer time with your journal. Once a month go through your journal and notate the answered prayers. Use a different color pen or pencil for answered prayer. You will be amazed at God's hand in your prayer life.


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