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Useful Apps and Websites!

There are millions of applications for your phone and your computer and honestly some are better than others as I'm sure you have learned. This series of blogs will attempt to share with you the ones which I have found to not only be useful but a blessing to people of faith. These are all apps which I have planted on my mobile phone and that I use regularly. We will look at Bibles, witnessing tools, reference sites and more.

I would be remise if I began this Christian App blog without beginning it all by sharing with you the ESV Bible app. It is available in the App Store or Play Store by search ESV BIBLE. It is produced by Crossway Publishers. The ESV Bible is a Word for Word translation. I find it to be easy to read yet true to the original manuscripts. The app has a few features that I love. It is easy to navigate. You can make the print larger or small as needed. It allows you to keep notes, choose favorites, highlight and my personal favorite; it will read the scriptures to you audibly. There reading plans available too.

On the rare occasions when I do not have my print Bible with me, I always have my ESV Bible in my phone. Some people prefer the digital Bible to a print Bible. I don't, I love my print Bible and have copious notes that I reference often. That said, every believer should have a digital Bible on their mobile device and the ESV Bible is my recommendation.

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